I grew up in the quiet countryside of Devon, England surrounded by lots of sheep (metaphor + literal). My education started at 'The White House School', followed by the prestigious 'Colyton Grammar School' and finished with a bachelors degree in Music Technology from the University of Portsmouth.

When I was 16 I started to play guitar after discovering musicians such as Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore and John Sykes. I formed my first band while studying in Portsmouth, England and played at virtually every venue in the city, twice. Shortly after graduating I moved to Los Angeles, CA in September, 2008 to pursue a career in music.

My first goal was to join any local band I could find and I immediately started performing on the Sunset Strip at clubs such as The Whisky-A-GoGo, The Viper Room and The House Of Blues. By 2010 I was working as a touring and session musician for various American bands.

Live at the House of Blues in Los Angeles

Brute Forcz: Slammer, Jammer & me. Photo by Glen La Ferman
In 2011 I recorded an album with Grammy Award Winning producer Bob Kulick with the band Brute Forcz featuring former professional wrestlers Slammer and Jammer. Their album 'Out For Blood' also featured Brett Chassen on drums. In addition to recording I also played several gigs with band in Los Angeles. Most notably opening for bands such as Michael Schenker Group, WASP and Steel Panther.

Since 2012 I have been a regular contributor to Guitar World magazine with my weekly blog 'Bent Out Of Shape'. Two of my lessons were featured in Guitar Worlds Top 10 lessons of 2013 list. My article 'Has Heavy Metal Become a Joke' became one of Guitar World's most shared articles on the internet. Click here to read my Guitar World articles
In 2012 I joined the band 'White Wizzard' and performed live in Tokyo, Japan six days after joining. We also toured North America, Canada and Europe throughout 2012 and 2013. I recorded guitar solos for their album 'The Devils Cut' which was produced by Ralph Patlan. The album was released via Century Media and Earache Records in 2013. Several major music publications praised my playing on the album although my only descent solo was on the song 'Kings Of The Highway'.

In addition to my session work I started my own original project with Croatian singer/wife Vivien Vain in 2010. The focus of the project was to write music we could be proud of artistically and ignore modern trends. I used the opportunity to seek out former members of my favorite bands.

Live in Seattle with White Wizzard

With Vinny Appice during a shoot for my first solo album. Photo by Glen La Ferman
So far the project has featured Carmine Appice, Vinny Appice, Brian Tichy, Neil Murray, Rudy Sarzo, Jimmy Bain, Tony Franklin, Bjorn Englen, Don Airey, Derek Sherinian and Tony Carey as guest musicians.

We recorded some music for Polish record label 'Metal Mind Productions' which was released on October 8th 2012. The release was featured in several prestigious publications including Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, RockHard, Sweden Rock, Teraz Rock, Burrn! and many more.

In 2013 we opened for guitarist Jake E Lee at the Whisky A-GoGo in Los Angeles as direct support and were introduced on stage by Eddie Trunk. This was Jakes first gig in over 20 years and was very special to me as Jake is one of my biggest influences.
In 2013 we recorded another selection of songs which drew inspiration from my hometown in Devon, England and events in British history during 'The Wars Of The Roses'. I also recorded a special tribute to guitarist Gary Moore featuring Gary's former bandmates Don Airey and Neil Murray alongside drummer Vinny Appice.

At the end of 2013 I decided to take a break from music. It was a difficult decision but I knew I would return to making music when the time was right. I am currently working on compiling all of the music I recorded in Los Angeles with Vivien into a single release. This album will define me as the musician I was during that period.

Live at the Whisky A GoGo opening for Jake E Lee. Photo by Alex Solca

With Louie the beagle in my Berlin apartment. Photo by Sara Valentino
In 2014 I moved to Berlin, Germany and took the time to work on other projects and explore other interests. I went to the Berlin animal shelter and asked for the oldest dog who'd been there the longest. I left with a 9 year old beagle called Louie. I also have a Chihuahua called Lizzy and a cat called Coco, both of which were rescued in Los Angeles. I wrote a book about my love for animals called 'The Howling Company'.

In 2014 I also entered the world of Live Escape Games. I started my own company and opened the first ever Live Escape Game in Brighton, England. My company 'Escape Game Enterprises' is registered in the UK and Germany. We have locations in England, Germany and plan to open an Escape Game in Hollywood, CA in 2017.

In 2016 I purchased several pieces of music gear previously owned by Gary Moore from Bonhams in London. The guitar and amps will be used for my future music projects and I am truly honored to be able use gear from Gary Moore. The same week I drove to London to collect the gear I met Ritchie Blackmore in Berlin after a Blackmores Night concert. The meeting inspired me to make a return to music.

Therefor I have started to write and record new music featuring some legendary musicians. Mike Frasier will be the mixing engineer which I'm really looking forward to as he is one of the best in the world. I'm also writing a Science Fiction short story for which my new music will serve as the sound track. My current interests also include collecting art, film memorabilia and pro wrestling. To Be Continued...

My collection of gear previously owned by Gary Moore